Wings Massage

What animal couldn't use a little relief now and then? The greater the demand on the athlete, the greater the need for preventative maintenance.


Here at Wings Massage we believe the testimonials should be straight from the animals mouth, so we have collected up our favorite "after massage" photos for future clients to see how much our friends LOVE the massage!!



Client Testimonials

From: Sandy - Circle F Horse Rescue

You are most welcome, but truly thank you for sharing your expertise and skill with us, I know the volunteers who were there really enjoyed it, and  learned a lot.  You have a great way of explaining things, keeping it simple  and easy to follow, and holding the audiences interest.

I was really amazed at the transformation in Whitney, for the first few moments, I thought we were going to have to choose another horse, but with your patient, considerate treatment of her, she completely relaxed into the experience, and truly lavished in the attention.  Like I have said to others, you truly have the "touch" with the four legged ones!

It's really great that you were OK with Caroline taping the demo, as now any  of the volunteers who want to learn more can see and review the material,  myself included!  (it was a lot of info and new skills to absorb in one  session).  I will be giving her your email address so she can be in touch once she has edited the footage.

take care, and hope to talk soon, and again, thanks so much,

Hi Auntie Margaret,

Just want to say thanks for the great massage the other day, my leg sure feels better. I played all day with my cousins Buddy and Abby on Friday and let me tell ya Abby has as much energy as Tinker, I thought for sure my leg would be sore and stiff the next day, but it wasn't! My mom kept remarking how I wasn't limping, she thought for sure I would need my medicine, but I didn't need any of it. Your the best massager ever!!!

Love Koda