Wings Massage

What animal couldn't use a little relief now and then? The greater the demand on the athlete, the greater the need for preventative maintenance.

Canine Massage

If you are an animal lover, you want the best for your dog. Massage is a powerful tool to improve the physical, emotional, and mental health of your dog. Dogs naturally seek, and readily accept, the power of touch for healing and comfort. Massage increases blood and lymph fluid circulation in the body, aiding in the elimination of toxins, boosting the immune system, speeding up metabolism, and beautifying the coat and skin. Your dog will be rejuvenated by a bodywork session.

Senior Dogs: Massage helps elderly and convalescing animals, especially those suffering from impaired heart or kidney function. Arthritis, early morning stiffness, muscle cramps and some skin conditions will improve with regular massage. Massage is an important stimulant for dogs that no longer exercise as actively as they once did.

Large Breed Puppies: Growing bones receive vital nutrients through blood circulation, which massage improves. Large breed puppies benefit from attention to limbs in which joints are extended and flexed since limbs grow at the ends near the joints. Fast growing breeds are prone to sprains and strains and massage will accelerate the rate of healing and help alleviate 'growing pains'.

Performance Dogs (Athletes): Athletic dogs can strain their muscles, just like people. This includes the 'professional' canine athlete performing in agility, fly ball, herding, or obedience, as well as the 'weekend warrior' who goes for a long hike or dog park play session. Dogs may hide their symptoms until they become extreme. Their survival instincts tell them to hide their pain in order not to appear weak to the rest of the pack. Also, dogs can become so enthusiastic about what they are doing or so anxious to please their owners that they keep performing even though injured. Pre-event massage warms up dogs by increasing blood flow to muscles. It can also improve their focus and mental function. Post-event massage loosens up muscles and joints and prevents stiffness and soreness. I incorporate stretching into my sessions for active dogs.

Massage is a complement to veterinary care, not a substitute for it. When your dog is ill or injured, it is encouraged to consult your medical practitioner.