Wings Massage

What animal couldn't use a little relief now and then? The greater the demand on the athlete, the greater the need for preventative maintenance.

Benefits of Equine Massage

Why should you choose massage therapy for your horse? Because your horse deserves the best care. If your horse is experiencing behavioral issues or decreased performance due to tight muscles or muscle spasms, massage therapy can help create a more well-balanced horse mentally, emotionally, and physically. Muscle fatigue and/or spasms can affect horses in ways similar to humans. Muscle fibers become strained and can spasm from over extension or usage. When muscle fibers are held together, it causes a spasm which decreases motion and causes discomfort. If a spasm is not broken up, it can continue to gather more fibers to itself and may increase in size and intensity of pain.

Massage therapy can help alleviate muscle fatigue and spasms thus reducing your horse’s risk of pulling or tearing muscles. It can help your horse be more relaxed by relieving tension and reducing the risk of over using other muscles that compensate for any discomfort. Equine massage therapy can also help improve circulation and reduce inflammation in joints and muscles while allowing them to move more freely.

How do I know if my horse may need massage therapy?
If your horse has any of the following symptoms:

Head tossing 
Refusal to pick-up correct lead 
Unexplained lameness 
Difficulty with lateral movements 
Girthing or "cold back" problems 
Lack of forward impulsion



Massage is a complement to veterinary care, not a substitute for it. When your dog is ill or injured, it is encouraged to consult your medical practitioner